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Comprehensive and flexible unit conversion tool between more than 2000 units
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Converber is an excellent and free unit conversion tool that supports more than 2000 units, neatly organized in 53 categories or scientific fields. From angles to areas, from data rates to electric resistance, or from weight to force, you will find it difficult to identify a unit that Converber does not support.

The last few versions of this program have clearly focused on increasing the number of units and categories supported – which have nearly doubled since version 1.8 – while its two-panel interface has not changed significantly throughout the last major revisions. The unit conversion process itself could not be simpler – just select a source unit in the left-hand panel and a target unit on the right-hand panel, then type the amount you wish to convert. The conversion takes place automatically as you type, and will be updated any time you change one of the units.

You can swap units (or panels) by clicking on the corresponding icon, and the figures will be updated accordingly. Other icons will give you direct access to your system’s calculator, to the list of your favorite units or to the settings dialog, where you can customize the decimal symbol, the format of negative numbers, the number of decimal digits, etc. Advanced users wanting to edit and create their own conversion processes can make use of the conversion editor provided.

Converber is not the only free unit converter out there, but it is probably the most comprehensive one. If in doubt, just take a look at the comparison chart in the program’s website. It compares Converber against more than 20 popular unit converters that you can download and use free of charge, and it certainly excels over its “competitors” by a considerable margin.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports more than 2000 units from all scientific fields
  • Simple and clear interface
  • Converts into the selected unit as you type
  • Customizable conversions


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